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Modern Back-Office solution 'Settlefy'

Settlefy - is a unique blend of transparency, efficiency, and adaptability. We equip you with powerful tool for comprehensive cost analysis, strategic planning, and debt management, eliminating reputational and financial risks.


Ensuring transparency in the processes of financial and accounting records that accompany the life cycle of the company's business sectors


Automating interactions within the organization's departments involved in asset and liability management


Optimizing processes: taxes, settlements, reporting, managing the company's structure and network
Seamless integration

Capability to integrate with the API of any other systems: ensure seamless interoperability and data exchange, enabling your business to maintain its existing software infrastructure

Security and Control

Flexible role-based access control model to information: ensure data security and provide control over who sees what, fostering responsible data utilization within your organization

Real-life experience based

Powerful functionality for balancing, calculations, and reconciliation, developed and implemented in collaboration with accountants with many years of real experience


Ability to adapt the solution to the specific requirements of the client: our solution is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing us to tailor our services to align with specific business goals

Empowered Decision-Making

On-premises/SaaS/IaaS models high-quality customer & system support: our dedicated teams are ready to assist, ensuring your experience with our solution is beneficial

Issues Our Back-Office resolves

Inadequate Cost Analysis and Control

This limitation prevents a clear view of business expenditure, making it challenging to manage and optimize costs across various departments and sectors

Deficit of Financial Planning Tools

Without these tools, businesses struggle with budgeting and financial forecasting, which can hinder strategic planning and limit growth potential

Insufficient Decision-making Tools

This gap makes it difficult for businesses to make data-driven decisions, efficiently manage their assets and liabilities, and plan for sustainable growth

Reputational & Financial Risk Management Issues

Without a systematic way to manage these risks, businesses are vulnerable to potential damage to their brand image and unexpected financial losses

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Can your solution integrate with our existing software infrastructure?

Yes, our solution has the capability to integrate with the API of any other system. This ensures seamless interoperability and data exchange, enabling your business to maintain its existing software infrastructure while taking advantage of our cutting-edge solution.

How does your solution help with financial planning and cost control?

Our solution provides comprehensive tools for cost calculation, expense planning for the reporting period, and analysis and planning of your company's results. These features allow for detailed cost analysis and control across various business segments and departments, enabling efficient management and optimization of costs.

How does your solution assist in managing reputational and financial risks?

Our solution addresses both reputational and financial risks by providing comprehensive analysis tools and key insights. This allows businesses to make informed decisions that mitigate potential damage to their brand image and prevent unexpected financial losses.

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